Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Batting .500

Okay guys, for the last few weeks I’ve been heavily engaged, along with my gaming group “The Basement ‘jacks”, in a Slow Play or Journeyman League ran by a good friend of mine and Press Ganger named Chris.  He’s been working very hard to develop the WarmaHordes scene in his area and in mine.  The rules are pretty easy to follow and the low point games have proven both exciting and fast paced.  Despite the low initial starting points level, the amount of needed strategy hasn’t really diminished.  This just proves that WarmaHordes can both scale down and up without the gamer feeling “dumbed down”.

Here’s a quick copy and paste of Chris’s Slow Play League rules:

Slow Play League Rules
-You must choose a faction that you don’t currently own, or a faction that you own that is not painted. Begin the buildup to 15 points.
-After you choose your first fifteen points, you must continue to keep these units/castor in your list as you develop into larger point values. It is a true escalation system. If you desire to change units or castors, you can, but you must subtract 5 points per unit or castor that you place in your list at the end of the league. This will be deducted from your final point total.
-we will be progressing in increments of point totals to reach 25, 35, and 50pts. There will be one tournament on the third weekend of each month. The locations will alternate between the two locations. 15 for the first, 25 for the second, 35 for the third, and 50 for the final event.
-models must be fully painted to participate in each tournament. This means flocked and based as well. You don’t have to have them painted for weekly league play.
-During each week, players may participate in point totals equal to the upcoming tournament for weekly league play. You may play up to five games per week which you can earn up to a point a game. If you are a player from one store, you may play your league games in a different store hosting this league and earn an additional point for the week. Maplewood Hobby and the Game Room at Woodbridge Mall are the hosts of this league. This optional point may be granted to players from TOGIT, Showcase Comics, or the Game Room at Brick, which choose to participate in this league. This means that if a player from TOGIT goes to the game room to play in the league and plays 5 games, he will earn six total points for that week. No more than 5 games per week may be used to calculate points; however we encourage you to play as many games as you want, have fun!
-if you finish painting you faction at the allocated point total a week before the tournament, you may earn an additional point. You can show each of the hosts or the press ganger your faction to be granted these points.
-point totals will be calculated by the hosts, and will be verified to ensure that players are actually playing, and who they are playing. The press ganger at each location will come in weekly to calculate points, or can receive them by email from the hosts. Playing the press ganger will still count for the non-press ganger for league points.
-Players earn a point for participating in each tournament. They also earn points for placing 1-3, best painted 1-3, best painted mini 1-3. 1st place 4 points, 2nd place is 3 points, and 3rd place is 2 points (placement). 1st place 3 points, 2nd place 2 points, 3rd place 1 points (best painted army). Each best painted mini winner will receive an additional point.
-Standard entry fee into the tournaments in $10.00. each event will start rolling dice that Saturday at 10:30-11:00am. SR Kits with coins will be provided at each event, as well as prize support from entry fees.
-after the last event, the points totals will be added, and the top three point earners will receive a bonus prize, each will pick 1 box of a privateer press product from the store inventory of their choice.
-the first 2 events at 15 and 25 points will not have timed turns as players are getting used to new factions, and we like to encourage a friendly easy going gaming environment to experienced players as well as new ones introduced by this league. However, each game will have an hour time limit with dice down called at the end of each game. After the second event, we will be using Death clock at 35 points to the final one at 50pts.
-the first tournament will be held at Maplewood hobby at 15pts, on the 3rd Saturday of September. The next tournament will be at the game room at 25pts, the third tournament will be at Maplewood at 35pts. The final event will be held at the game room at 50pts. Remember each tournament will be held on the third Saturday of every month unless changed. I will notify you of these changes so you can adjust your schedules as soon as possible.

At first, I waffled between pMagnus led Mercs and Iron Wolf led Khador.  I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to Privateer Press and most of my experience was with an eButcher led Khador Faction.  I prefer my armies to be small, elite and hard hitting.  After a few test games, a bunch of close loses and a quick inventory of my PP figs, I decided on eButcher and a supporting cast of heavy hitters.

Here’s the 15pt list:

eButcher +6 Warjack Points
Wardog 1 Point
Decimator 9 Points
Kovnik 3 Points
x3 Demo Korps 6 Points
Manhunter 2 Points

So far, I’m batting roughly .500.  I often struggle to satisfy any objective based scenario with control points as I have a low model count.  But, I’ve learned a few solid tactics along the way as well.  My Demo Korp hit HARD!  But, their ARM 16 makes them easy prey at this level to any high P&S attack.  So they need to strike quickly.  Both the Manhunter and Wardog are worth their weight in gold.  It’s their special abilities, high SPD and destructive potential that make them almost an auto-include for any Khador Force.  The Wardog hangs by the Butcher’s side for the counter-charge potential while the Manhunter often loops around a flank with the hopes of picking off juicy solos.  I’m still a bit torn about the Kovnik as he has yet to meet his meta-potential.  I’m also a bit torn when it comes to the Decimator.  His model is simply awesome!  He has some high P&S attacks and comes stacked with the traditional Khador Warjack stat line.  But he’s a focus hungry Warjack and eButcher can furnish anywhere from 2 Focus to 7; making it hard to plan ahead.

For the next installment and jump to 25pts, I’m thinking of adding in a second Manhunter and The Kodiak.  I’ll speak more about this level as I get my games in.


  1. The problem with 15pt lists, especially with khador is you just dont have enough units to play attrition. In our mission, going one for one with me left you with the caster and jack, while I had a unit, caster and 2 more beasts to play with.....


  2. Good point. It's also one of the reasons why I was torn between adding in the Great Bears for 5pts, 2 more Demo Korp for 3pts and the Manhunter for the final 2pts vs the Kodiak for 8pts and the Manhunter. I decided on the Kodiak as he seems to be efficient enough for eButcher to run and his "vent steam" ability makes him a great 'jack to take out a swarm of infantry.

    Pretty Lou

  3. Well, I enjoy the 15 point game but like the meat of 25 points. HOWEVER the games will get a whole lot more interesting when we learn ALL the rules...