Thursday, September 22, 2011

15pt BatRep: Burns and Beat Downs.

Played an action packed 15pt Slow Play League game the other week against a long time friend and adversary; known around these parts as “McMillenthrope” for his strong resemblance to a Tyranid Zoenthrope. 

He used the following:
Repenter (Hate this damn ‘jack!)
Choir of Menoth
Paladin of the Wall
Vassal Mechanik
I had:

3 Demo Korp
The mission was “Break the Line”.  Not a great mission for my army as I have very little in the way of range or SPD.  Plus, I’m outnumbered by 2 models.  May not seem like much.  But in our games it usually comes down to that last nail biting minute of heroism where the lowly scrub saves the day while the heavy hitters are all krump’d and bleeding.


Roll off and Deployment
He won the roll for first turn and deployed first within 8” of his back board edge while I was able to use 10”; simply following Steamroller rules.  Deployment for both of us was pretty simple.  He put his faster light ‘jacks on his left and the rest castled right.  I placed the Manhunter far to my left, then the 3 Demo Korp, eBucther, Wardog and Decimator in the middle with the kovnik on the right flank.  I was feeling pretty damn confident and was planning on rushing most of my force straight up the middle and take the battle right to the heart of the enemy.  I badly wanted eKreoss eviscerated by Lola!

Turn 1

McMillenthrope’s Turn #1
eKreoss orders a general advance, the Choir sings “Passage” on the heavy warjack and ekreoss simply camps on 4 focus.

Pretty Lou’s Turn #1
I pretty much do the same.  My ‘jack rushes a bit farther thanks to “Boundless Charge”.  The Manhunter circles a bit farther left and the Kovnik does the same on the right flank.  And eButcher and his faithful mutt simply advance versus running hog wild.

Turn 2

McMillenthrope’s Turn #2
Now is when things start to heat up…sorta.  The Revenger runs full steam ahead into the ruins; I guess he’s trying to keep the flanking Kovnik honest?  His Repenter advances, ignites the flame thrower and takes aim at the Decimator.  All it manages to do is heat the air up and bring unneeded attention to it!  But just when I thought my ‘jack was safe, eKreoss uses the Repenter’s Arc Node ability and channels “Cleansing Fire” but the POW 14 spell does zilch!  So, McMillenthrope, the bastard that he is, does the spell again.  This time he was able to inflict some damage.  Not much, but enough to annoy me. 

Pretty Lou’s Turn #2
I roll for eButcher’s focus amount and was very pleased to be able to roll a 5.  This means I can spend 6 focus this turn.  With that amount, I’m feeling confident as the meat and potatoes of McMillenthrope’s army looks to be ripe for a charge and some heavy shooting!  So I move the Kovnik in for a shot at the Revenger and…he wiffs?    Not good.  This means that the Revenger is undamaged and the Kovnik is in its charge range!  Oh noes!  The Manhunter activates next and continues to creep around the left flank stalking some juicy prey.  eButcher comes to life, casts “Boundless Charge” onto the warjack giving it Pathfinder and an extra 2” of movement.  He then shoots the Repenter and does a measly 2 damage; and that was boosted!  The Decimator is activated, advances 6” and targets the Revenger.  Why you ask?  Well, that Kovnik needs to live as if he dies McMillen may be able to sweep a warjack into that area and possibly take the game! Thanks to the high strength of the Decimator’s gun, the Revenger takes a total of 11 damage and loses his Halberd; along with reach and powerful charge.  I breathe a slight sigh of relief as that may have just saved the Kovnik’s life.  So all I have left are my 3 Demo Korp and Wardog.  I’m thinking that his Crusader is easy pickings since my Demo Korp have Reach, P&S 14 and Backswing.  So I charge!  Guess what?  I’m a half an inch shy, giggety, of some serious krumping!  I mean, really?  All I needed was for the lead Demo Korp to make it into combat.  P&S 14 with three dice followed by P&S 14 and two dice would have, potentially, crippled that Menoth heavy warjack.  So, over-all, this turn was kinda meh for me.  Let’s hope McMillenthrope has worse luck.

Turn 3

McMillenthrope’s Turn #3
Mac takes forever assigning his focus.  I’m worried as this means he’s thinking, LOL!  So, I pour another Murphy’s in my Ironman pint glass with the hopes of Mac making a mistake.  Think about it, who can concentrate when you see a nice dark stout with a creamy head sitting just three feet away?  Mac can that’s who!  But what do you expect from a guy who drinks daiquiris?  Anyways, he hides eKreoss behind some serious cover and pops his feat.  eKreoss than channels “Cleansing Fire” through the arc node at my lonely Kovnik, boosts the damage roll and  inflicts 5 damage;  this leaves him with 3 health boxes left!  He advances the Revenger hoping to bash the Kovnik’s skull in.  Thanks to eKreoss’s feat, friendly models in his control area auto-hit and gain a free attack.  But the Revenger WIFFS!!!  I’m washed with excitement as this means my Kovnik may live!  He attacks again!  I hold my breath as he rolls for damage and I swear, for the briefest moment, the world slowed down.  I could actually see the dice rolling in midair; they hit the table top, bouncing and spinning.  Felt like forever before they stopped!  Thankfully, it looks like my bad luck from turn two rubbed off on to Mac as the Revenger’s shield fails to do any bashing of head.  Mac then activates the rest of his force and wipes away all three Demo Korp.  No biggie.  I still have a very healthy Warjack, Wardog, Manhunter and the man himself, eButcher!  But just as I think McMillenthrope is done, the Repenter activates.  I almost forgot about that 'jack…  It flames into combat and burns a focus to off-set the DEF advantage my Kovnik gains for being in combat.  After hitting, Mac announces that he will burn his last focus assigned to the Repenter in order to boost the damage roll.  Sound tactic as he needs to roll a total of 9 in order to kill off the Kovnik.  But with the way he’s been rolling this turn, I didn’t think three dice would be enough.  But every once in a while even the sun shines on a dogs ass and the sun shined on his today as he rolled that freaking 9. Triple 3's no less.  Win goes to Mac.

And the kill shot!

Good game.  McMillen played well that last turn and did exactly what he needed to do.  If he would have rolled anything less, the game would have been very different as my force was poised to capitalize on his counter advancement and I would have dealt some serious blows; most likely winning on my turn 3.  Oh well, can't win them all.  I had a blast and it was a great way to start my afternoon.



  1. Nice report, like the pics. But my fave was watching the changing status of the beer in each pic...

    Eric J

  2. I use beer versus a timer. It's my turn when I need to refill the pint, LOL.

    Pretty Lou

  3. And by the time the game is over you don't know or care who won!! Bwahaha!